IN JUNE 1994, a very good friend of mine, Mr. Kevin C. Osuji, a proud Igbo man and a patriotic Nigerian visited us with his family to celebrate with us the birth of my son. We never knew that we were about to make a dream come true.

It was during our discussion that the idea came up to establish a forum to bring together and unite all Igbo people living in the Netherlands. The forum should serve as a base for cultural exchange and practice of our diverse cultural heritage. Realizing the importance of such a forum for us and our future generations here in the Netherlands, we consulted Chief, Lambert Igbonugo and Mazi, Ted Smart Aguzien who also proud and patriotic Igbo elders. We made up our minds together and went for it. We thank the almighty God that we did not labor in vain from the day of conception to the birth of Igbo Cultural Association of Nigeria (ICAN) The Netherlands in December 1994. In our twenty-four years of existence, ICAN cultural activities have brought joy into the lives of Igbo indigenes in the Netherlands and also brought Igbo culture in the Netherlands to limelight. From the onset, I.C.A.N. has been a forum for unity in diversity and progress for Igbo people in the Netherlands. We are not yet where we are supposed to be, but we are moving towards the right direction. We have a dream that I.C.A.N. will return to where it was during the early years of her existence.

As founding fathers of ICAN in the Netherlands, it is our humble wish for the association to be continuously led by people by people who hold the tenets of ICAN constitution in high esteem. Leaders guided by the principle of justice, equality, intergrity, accountability and honesty.

Long live Ndi-Igbo

Long live I.C.A.N.

Long live Netherlands.

1. Chief Lambert Igboanugu                              2. Mr Kevin C. Osuji                        3. Chief. K.I. Onyenze                4. Mazi Ted Smart Aguzien

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